Raam Ather

Ather 450X



EMI cashback upto ₹ 10 000 *

90 km

True Range TM
Certified Range 115 km

90 km

Top speed

3.9 s

0-40 km/h

More thrills.
Per Second.

One mighty scooter.

Two power variants.

3.7 kWh Battery

0 km
Certified Range

3.7 kWh Battery

0 km
Certified Range

Higher TrueRange™

For the places you planned. And beyond.

0 km
3.7 kWh
0 km
2.9 kWh

New Switchgear

More control on the go.

Push location from WhatsApp to your Ather

Safer Ather

Emergency Stop Signal FallSafe™

Trip Planner™

Plan intercity routes. Charge enroute.

0 to wheeeee.
in 3.3 sec.

0 km/h
Top speed

3.9 s

0-40 km/h

Power behind the


Engine Motor

A 6.4kW PMSM motor brings out the true power of electric. Take off and keep gliding at top speed with an instant torque of 26 Nm. No jerks, no vibrations, no quivers, just thrills.


With 1.1 bn+ km across roads, weather conditions and geographies, the Ather battery pack comes with an unparalleled track record. Powered by Lithium-ion cells and one of the smartest battery management systems


Meet the brain.

Water-resistant |

Dust-proof IP65 rated

17.7 cm (7”) TFT


17.7 cm (7”) TFT



16GB storage

4G Connectivity

Bluetooth 4.2

Android Open Source


Ather_stack_6 OTA Upgrades

Our scooter keeps improving throughout its lifetime. Over-the-air upgrades bring in new features, UI enhancements, improvements and much more

Think about ride,

For big-little rides.

Safety first.

second, and third.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

In a panic braking situation, ESS alerts the people around by activating the blinking of the tail light. This safety feature, seen only in high-end bikes/cars, is now on Ather


In case the rider falls off, this feature cuts off the power supply to the motor and stops the scooter from moving further. As an additional safety layer, both the indicators also start blinking, to alert fellow riders on the road.

Dual disc brakes

Quick acceleration, complemented by quick braking.

One App for

Everything Ather.

Never run out of charge.

Ather Duo

A charger you can fix at your parking spot with the wall mount or carry it along in your boot. It’s a fixed charger when you are at home and a portable one when you are not.

Personal or fixed charger

Convenience is finding a charger where you are. Charge any EV at the places you frequent and pump up your range. Roam freely, keep changing plans on the go.

Ather Grid™
Public Fast Chargers

Fast, reliable and all over Indian roads, just like our scooters. Find one, plug in, charge, monitor charge status and pay, on the Ather app.